Choosing The Best Water Tank For Your Needs

With hundreds of water tank makes and models on the market, choosing the right one can be very difficult. Here are some important features to look out for when choosing the design thats best for you:

  • Material The material your tank is made from will determine how long it lasts and how well it will perform. Poly water tanks are generally considered the best choice for residential properties, as they are constructed from polyethylene, and unlike metal and other commonly used tank materials, they never rust and stay in good condition for several decades.
  • Shape Make sure that the design you choose has thicker walls at the base than at the rim. This helps to make the tank light weight as well as strong.
  • Colour and Style Tanks are often a prominent feature outside a building, but luckily yours doesnt have to be dull and unsightly. Poly tanks can be moulded into a range of styles and even come in different colours to match your house.

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